Sun Solaris Interview Question Single - Infosys IBM HCL TCS CTS


Difference Between Single User mod and Muliti User mode
Single User Mode
used for Trouble shooting For Administrative activities. It is also know as maintenance mode.
Only root user can login to the system.
it is not support Networking service, so NFS it is not possible.we can use only the local file system.
Muliti User Mode:
it is Run Level -3.
Any user can login into the system and they can access resource and application.
It will support Network service.NFS service is available.
How can we fine the current Run level
#who -r
#uname -r

Difference between Sun Solaris 9 and Sun Solaris 10
Solaris 9: if any Goes down we need to restart all the service it is disadvantage
SMF- There is no SMF [service Management Facility]

Solaris 10 : if any service goes down we need to restart only the particular service
it will support SMF [Service Management Facility]

How to check whether operating System is it 16-bit or 32-bit
#isainfo -b
#isainfo -kv

Difference between /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk
/dev/dsk BLOCK DEVICE as coocked Food
/dev/rdsk RAW DEVICE as Uncooked Food

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