What Is GNU KDE GNOME Compression Difference Between KDE And GNOME


GNU it is just like Operating System or Software.
If anyone willing to distribute the open source project. it means anyone edit ,modify and redistribute to anyone. it will come under the GNU .
KDE - Gnome Desktop Environment
KDE - K Desktop Environment.
It will provide the Open source Desktop Environment.
It will provide windowing Manager provide the Graphical User Interface For Linux and Unix.
It is found in the Mobile Phone/PDA , Windows, Linux, it is incorporate many theme.
Provide the fully Graphical user Interface.
it will provide the them, games,Browser and other Graphical utilities.

GNOME - GNU Object Model Networking.
GNOME it is Part of the GNU Project.
GNOME it will provide the attractive Desktop Environment.

KDE and GNOME it will provide

Menu Navigation
File Browser
System Preferences
Panel option

What are the Difference Between Gnome and KDE
Ubuntu it is designed by GNOME
kubuntu it is designed by KDE- For that reason only there button it is start menu look like symbol ‘K’.
Gnome it is faster than KDE.
KDE and GNOME both are providing the same service Graphical User Interface.
But there are doing there process in different ways and different features.
Difference Between KDE and GNOME

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