How To Configure Samba Server Between Linux And Windows System


Before we configure samba we need to maintain the same network for both Linux and Windows system.
after configuration check whether both system connected or not by using ping command
1) Install the samba service
#yum install samba*
2) Add the user
#adduser smbuser
then add passwd for smbuser
#passwd smbuser
3)change the file ownership to the user
#chown smbuser:smbuser /home/smbuser
4)Then create the samba user password
#smbpasswd -a smbuser
5)Then go to the windows system confirm the work group
computer >>properties>>computer Name>>workgroup
in my system workgroup name is workgroup
6)in the linux system edit the smb.conf file
sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf
workgroup =workgroup
writeable = true
read only = no
public = yes
7)Then go to the windows system
it will ask the username and password
enter the details
here you can see the folder smbuser folder and you can share the data between the windows and Linux system.

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