Difference Between Virtual Console Graphical Environment Redhat Rhel5


Linux it has the 6 virtual console and one Graphical Environment.
virtual console it will provide the multiple login in as different user on different virtual console. Virtual console it will be open by the ctrl+Alt+F1 to F6 and hot shortcut key shift + Page up and shift + page down it is used to scroll down on the screen.

Graphical Environment it is called X window System.
In the X window system is a client/server protocol that regulates communicate between application CLIENT and the system service - SERVER.

Redhat It Has The Two Environment
GNOME - GNU Network Object Model Environment
KDE - Alternate Desktop Environment
Gnome it is Default Desktop Environment

From Virtual console migrate into the Graphical Environment
By through star x command System will start the X server.
Ctrl+F7 also automatically switch to the X server.

Virtual console and Graphical Environment in Red hat rhel5 Linux

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