Linux Kernel Important Process Kernel Modules Redhat Rhel5


Kernel is the Core part of the Linux Operating System
It will perform the following Important Process

SYSTEM INTILIZATION: Identify the hardware Resource and Boots up the system.
PROCESS SCHEDULING: it is maintained the multi Tasking and Multi Processing. It will perform the allocate the resource to the Process. To enable the process to exchange the Information.
MEMORY MANAGEMENT: Allocate the Memory to the specific Running Process.
SECURITY: Maintain the File system Permission. Maintain the Iptables and Firewall rules.
NETWORK MANAGEMENT: Maintain the standard Network Protocol.

What is  Kernel Modules | Advantages of Kernel Modules
Modules are small Kernel Extension.
Modules are used to maintain the Driver, File System, and Firewall.
Modules are locate in the /lib/modules
#uname –r >> using these command also we can identify the kernel Modules.
Unmae –r refers to the kernel release. –v for version
Dynamic Modules it is required at the boot time it will load by the group into initrd.
Initial RAM Disk is called initrd.

Modules Benefits
Reduce Memory – memory is not used when deriver are not required.
Maintain Flexibility.
Maintain Maximum Up Time.
Mkinitrd –with option it is used to rebuild the extra module

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