Men Women Emotions Explode Crying Game


Men Emotion Lives in Complex and Rich.
Men and Women they express there Emotion though
sigh,cry,smile,rage,fury,facial activities, Gesture,Voice of tone.
Emotional lives Background for Men and Foreground For women.
Women seems Naturally Touch with there emotion. But Men Have work with it.
Women talk to clear their head, But men think before they talk.
Girls have more eye contact compare to boys But boys pay attention moving
object like car rather than eye contact,
David Powell -President For the International Health concern- Explain the
connection between left brain home of logic and right brain
feeling and emotion is much more than the women. Women Have equivalent connectivity, So They move readily between right and left brain.
Men's rage becomes frustration While they are facing the failure.
The men who hides Emotion it will make as sensitive Person.
Man express there emotion without fear and tear.
Hear are some ways to start
Increase your creative outlet : Hobbies like painting, Drawing,
Release stress and Anger through Exercise swimming,cycling, Do something
with Physical together bike and hike, if they are not interest Don not try to press him or it will make balk.
if you don't Develop yourself How to work with emotional it will make you shadow figure,
Most of men are far more insecure than they like to - or there wives ever guess
How to reduce the emotional feeling,

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