Share NFS User Home directory in NIS | How to Save Data NFS Server


By through sharing NFS Home directory we can avoid losses of data.
In NFS Server
/home *(rw)
In the server we need to give 770 permission for that folder

In NFS Client System
IPADDRESS:/folder /mountdirectory /mnt ext3 defaults 0 0
mount -a
After configure NIS while we login as customer in the client system
After Login
It will take the user home directory into the local system
So after job it will store the data in the server, It will avoid losses of data.

If we are not mount home directory just enable NIS means
After job the data will be lost it will not store in the server.
It will thorough message like following

NFS Mounting Option
/home *(rw,no_root_squash,sync)
1)no_root_squash >> After mounting to the the client.
Client root user have the same permissison what mount on server root
2)sync >> It will maintian the synchronization to the server Home directory.
What are the files are edited In the client it will update on the server.
3)exportfs -ra >> instead of restart the nfs we can use the command
4)mount -t nfs /mnt/

bash: /home/nisclient/.bashrc: Stale NFS file handle
NFS Network File Sharing
NIS Network Information Service.

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