Install Postfix Server In Red hat Rhel5 Edit Postfix Configuration File


Step 1: Install postfix packages
#yum install postfix
switch the postfix mta for mail
#alternatives –config mta
select postfix and stop the service
#service sendmail stop
Step 2: edit postfix configuration file
#vim /etc/postfix/
Line no:69
myhostname =
Line no:77
mydomain =
Line no:93
Line no:
mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain,localhost,$mydomain
Line no:last
masquerade_exceptions = root
Step 3: Restart the postfix service
#chkconfig postfix on
#service postfix restart
#netstat –tulpn |grep master
Step 4: Send email to user
#mail –v
Subject:test email
Sample mail from user root
Step 5: Login as man check the email
#su – man
Post fix Mail server configuration in Red Hat rhel5

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