How to Creat Calendar Control Visual Programming


To create a calendar control using VC++
Procedure Step by Step Algorithm
1. Select file-> new MFC application wizard give the project name, next select application type as dialog based application.
2. From the project menu, select add to project from that select component and control.
3. Then open registered active-x control, it shows all already existing controls. From that controls, select calendar control 8.0, click insert button.
4. Create one member variable fro calendar control by using class wizard options give the variable name as m_calendar and variable type as CCalendar.
5. Design the window as shown in the output and also places the Calendar control on that window.
6. Write the coding for the Buttons.
7. Finally run and build the application
Source Code Programming VisualBasic void
void CProg4Dlg::OnButton2() 

void CProg4Dlg::OnButton3() 

void CProg4Dlg::OnButton4() 

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