How to create Simple Calculations using Active-X DLL in Visual Basic


To Calculate PNR value and Celsius to Fahrenheit by using Active-X DLL in VB.
PROCEDURE and a Logarithm
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Source Code Programming in Visual Basic
Part – 1

Public Function si(a As Integer, b As Integer, c As Integer)
si = (a * b * c) / 100
End Function

Public Function celsius(a As Integer)
c = (f-32) * (5/9)
End Function

Public Function fahrenheit(a As Integer)
f = (1.8 * c) + 32
End Function

Module Coding:

Sub Main()

End Sub

Dim A As New Class1
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Text4.Text =, Val(Text2.Text), Val(Text3.Text))
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Text6.Text = A.celsius(Val(Text5.Text))
End Sub

Private Sub Command3_Click()
Text8.Text = A.fahrenheit (Val(Text7.Text))
End Sub
To Calculate PNR value and Celsius to Fahrenheit Source Code programming

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