Inode What is Inode How To Identify The Inode Value in Linux UNIX


In system we identify file by using system file name.

But in the computer it will identify the file by using inode value.

Computer Reference for a file inode Number
Human Reference for a file is by File Name.

Inode it contain the file information regarding

File name
File Type
File path
contain UID & GID
inode path link data Time stamp regarding when the file is created or edit,
How many link count that file have ( no of link )
Size of file

Link Count
Owner and group of file
What is difference between hard link and soft link for inode
How to identify the inode of the file

[root@localhost ~]# ls -i rhelinode
1149729 rhelinode

Rhelinode value is 1149729

By using this value only system identify the file

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