Basic How DNS works DNS consistency convenience


NS Domain Name system is the distributed Database system.
It will provide Name resolution For the TCP/IP protocol.
Convenience DNS provides user-friendly name because it easy to remind compare to the Numerical IP address.
Consistency In the future server IP address may be change still the server name (domain name) is still constant. .

Key Component of DNS
It has the three components
Domain Name space
Name server

1)First it will look on to the local DNS cache.
DNS cache - Store the Information that computer recently retrieved.
if it is not stored Locally.
2)For then, DNS Query Contact - local ISP DSN cache.
ISP first tries to answer by itself using "cached" data.
If it is not
3)then it will look into the 'root-servers' or 'Registry Server'
for com/net/org
4)Finally it will Display Site.

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