UNIT-4 Social Issues And The Environment ESE Environmental Science And Engineering Important Question And Answer


Social Issues and the Environment Important two mark question and answer Unit-4 CY1201
1. Define: “Sustainable Development” (AU)
2. List the advantages of Rain Water Harvesting.
3. Define: Watershed management.
4. Write the reactions of CFC and ozone, which results in ozone hole. (AU)
5. What is a Dobson Unit? (AU)
6. List the major greenhouse gases and their sources.
7. List the major pollution control acts in India.
8. What are the major functions of Central Pollution Control board?
9. What is precautionary principle?
10. Define: “Acid Rain”. (AU)
11. Explain the term “Global Warming”. (AU)
12. What is the difference between rehabilitation and resettlement? (AU)

PART B Social Issues and the Environment important 16 mark question and answer Big question CY1201
1.What is meant by “Sustainable Development”? Explain the term and their concepts(8)(AU)
2. What are the major causes of concern about energy in India?
3. What are the major obstacles in the path of sustainable development in India?
4. Write a short note on Rain Water Harvesting.
5. Discuss the various water conservation techniques.
6. Explain the scope of the subject environmental ethics.
7.Why is the ozone hole formation less severe in Arctic region compared to Antarctica?
8. Explain the impacts of ozone depletion on ecosystem.
9. Discuss the effects of global warming on the worlds food supply.
10. Explain the concept of precautionary principle.
11. What are the causes of nuclear hazards and accidents? Discuss the effects of nuclear accident on environment.
12.Explain the urban problems related to water and how it can be tackled.(8)(AU)
13.Write short notes on Green House Effect and its impact on environment.(8)AU
14. Explain the mechanism of formation of acid rain. (8) (AU)
15. How is acid rain formed? Explain its impact on environment. (8). (AU)
16. What are the sources of green house gases in atmosphere? (4) (AU)
17. Discuss the phenomenon of Global Warming and the factors contributing to it.(8)
18. Discuss the possible mechanism of stratospheric ozone depletion. (8) (AU)
19. Give an account of the issues and impacts of resettlement and rehabilitation.(8)(AU)
20. Write briefly on any of the nuclear disaster. (6) (AU)
21. Discuss the salient features of the following acts i) Environment (Protection) Act,1986, ii) Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981. (8+8) (AU)
22. Explain the salient features of water and air pollution prevention act. (8) (AU)
23. Write a short note on global warming and ozone layer depletion. (8) (AU)

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