Linux du Command Disk Usage space in Rhel5 How to Show Disk space Usage


Linux du command in rhel5 it will list out disk space usage. It also similar the df command. We can use the following option in Linux du command
-a refers to the all files
[root@localhost ~]# du -a
36 ./install.log
8 ./one.txt
952 ./one.ppd-009.ppm
8 ./one.ppd-002.pbm
600 ./one.ppd-010.ppm
8 ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default/mimeTypes.rdf
8 ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default/compatibility.ini
8 ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default/prefs.js

-h refers to the human readable format.
[root@localhost ~]# du -h
8.0K ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default/extensions
52K ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default/Cache
16K ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default/bookmarkbackups
24K ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default/chrome
1.3M ./.mozilla/firefox/zx2g05i2.default
1.3M ./.mozilla/firefox

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