Linux creating Shell scripting |Type of shell scripting Basics Linux program


Shell scripting is program. It used to perform simple application in Linux. Using scripting you can do operation with less time and less man power.
Example you can do following basic process
Check the system date
Check the mail
Display the list of logged user
Check mailLinux creating Shell scripting Type of shell scripting Basics Linux program Type of Linux shell scripting
#!/bin/bash-used for bash scripts –most commonly used in Linux system
Developed by Steve Bourne at AT & T
#!/bin/sh –Bourne shell scripts- common on UNIX system
Developed David Korn at AT & T
#!/bin/csh- C shell script- common for BSd derived system
Developed Bill Joy for Berkeley Unix
#!/usr/bin/perl-perl script-scripting and programming language
#!/usr/bin/python-python script- object oriented programming language

Simple shell script is(command substitution)
# fcom=`man history`
#echo $fcom
Now if you type $fcom then it will display man history

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