How to Deny Particular Domain for the ftp ssh Remote Login in Linux Rhel5


You can deny the particular domain or single system for ftp file transfer protocol.In the configuration directory /etc/ it has the two files hosts.deny hosts.allow these two file are performing allow and deny the domain for a particular service. hosts.deny file it contain the denied domain and system and the hosts.allow it has the allowed domain and the any one particular system.

First you must start the service
[root@rhel5 ~]# chkconfig vsftpd on
You can use the following statement to deny the ftp file transfer protocol /etc/hosts.deny
ftpd: 10.0.0
10.0.0 Network id for
For a single system or IP address

Remote login to deny the system or domain.
[root@rhel5 ~]# chkconfig sshd on
For sshd mean ssh daemon remote login to deny the system /etc/hosts.deny
[root@rhel5 ~]# vim /etc/hosts.deny
[root@rhel5 ~]# service sshd restart

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