DNS Configuration Error message “server can't find sys1: SERVFAIL” in Red hat rhcl5 LINUX


After all the configuration In DNS in Rhcl5.When you start the system
It is start the name server configuration ok without any error but when you use nslookup command it will give error server can’t fid sysname:ServerFail otherwise if you give Ip address then it will give error server can’t find IPADDRESS: SERVERFAIL.
[root@rhcl named]# service named start
Starting named: [ OK ]
[root@rhcl named]# nslookup
> sys1
** server can't find sys1: SERVFAIL

[root@rhcl named]# nslookup
** server can't find SERVFAIL

1. File forward. zone and reverse.zone does not give the full privilege
2. It is configure or setting forward.zone and reverse.zone configuration file Red hat rhcl5 in Linux
IN the DNS configuration you copy the localhost.zone file to forward.zone file from /var/named/chroot/var/named/localhost.zone directory. In these step you must copy with there file with there full privilege then only DNS setting it will access the file so use option

Cp –p
-p refers to the preserve mode (copy the file with same ownership and timestamp)

#cp –p /var/named/chroot/var/named/localhost.zone /var/named/chroot/var/named/forward.zone
Similarly copy the reverse.zone.
Then there second problem occur while you did not configure the Forward.Zone and reverese.zone configuration file properly.
See the configuration of DNS in Red hat RHEL5
Then try it will list out system name to IPADDRESS and IP address to system name properly.

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