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"Truly Affectionate People never go out from Our Life easily"...
"If it happens they will Comeback at Right time without Expectation''

Don't postpone today's work for tomorrow..

You can also do it day after tomorrow..
So enjoy Life
'Great people great thinking'..

"Winning doesn't always mean being first.
Winning means you are doing better than you have done before".

1. Don’t Read success story. Read only failure story. Because Failure stories you get new idea to win. Success story you get only message.
-FEDALCASTRO. 2."Failure should never go to heart" and "Success should never go to head". Both make a person to fall in Life -Winston Churchill.

You will have rains of blessing, winds of joy, fog of peace, dew of love and snow of happiness.

“Never choose anyone without understanding"
"Never lose anyone with miss understanding''

An impressive thought:
1.If the looser keeps his smile, then the winner I will lose the thrill of his victory..
So keep smiling always... Victory will be yours...
2."Achievers Never Expose Themselves, but Their Achievements Expose Them"..
- A.R.Rahman... Great attitude... Try to be like that...


Please don’t write anything in Rupee note. Because of written Rs note, 2000 cr loss for Indian Government per year. All Indians...
Please inform to others.

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