Samba server configuration important options in smb.conf file


Comment –it is comment line
Browseable –yes directory will appear in the windows file browser
Writable-yes means user can write to their directory
Create mode=0644 set the default file permission for file in the directory.
Directory mode=0775 set the default permission for new directory
Max connection=I Maximum no of simulation connection allowed. IF this is 1 a user can not log in to the server from more than one location. If 2 a user can log in from two location and son on. 0 permits unlimited number of connection.
Valid user=username specify user can open the shared file
Path=indicate the location of the directory
[global] for global settings
[homes] for access to the user into their home directory
[printer] for printer services
Mas log size=50 this is maximum permissible size of file in kilobytes
Dns proxy =no this means that the Net BIOS name is not treated as DNS name and there is no DNS lookup.
Starting samba server
#/sbin/service smb start
User create samba password by using smbpasswd command

Configure SAMBA SERVER SMB in smb.conf file
path = /test
writable = yes
guest ok = yes
For then add the user like ordinary method and create samba password.
adduser <Username>
passwd <Username>
smbpasswd -a <Username>

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