SAMBA Configuration File Printer Shared Service Window and Linux System


BY through samba Linux PC can be browsed by the windows explorer. Samba it will share directory and Printer .it uses smb protocol Server Message Block .Before you use these service you must install there samba three package samba, samba-client, samba-common. You can check whether samba is installing by through following Linux command
#rpm –qa samba* (* it is refer to the wildcard) if samba is not install it will return samba is not installed other wise it will return the version of the samba.
Samba it contains two important key package or program smbd and nmbd their job is oto implement the four basic CIFS-common Internet File system service
File and Print service
Authentication and Authorization
Name Resolution
Service announcement (browsing)
Smbd samba daemon it has “SHARE MODE” “USER MODE”
Share Mode
Protect the shard file and print service by requiring passwords. Password assign to the shared directory or printer
User Mode
Single password is then given to everyone who is allowed to use the share with there own username and password authentication.
Named Resolution it has tow type
Broadcast and Point-to point
BROAD cost
Broad cost is like NetBIOS mechanism client looking for service.
Point to Point
It is like NBNS NetBios Name Service if client wants talk with another. It sends client name to the NBNS server. If name is list NBNS hands back an IP address.

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