Question Bank Software Engineering Important Big Long Answer type Question IT ( ID ) 5001


1. What are the software metrics? What are their applications?
2. Explain the Following 1. Black box Testing 2.Testing for Real Time System
3. Compare and Contrast unit testing and Integration testing
4. What are the Categories Of Software maintained Explain Them in detail
5. Explain The Following 1. What are the software Configuration management Activities? 2.what are the software Quality assurance activities?
6. What are the issues in the design of the software? Need for the software engg?Discuss the following 1.Software Prototyping 2.Finite State Machine.
10. Characteristics of Software, nature of Software? Explain software life cycle model in detail
11. Explain build and fix model in detail with advantages and disadvantages
12. Explain waterfall model in detail with advantages and disadvantages
13. Explain v shaped model in detail with advantages and disadvantages
14. Explain iterative model in detail with advantages and disadvantages in details
15. Explain spiral model in detail with advantages and disadvantages ain details
16. Explain prototyping model it is advantages and disadvantages in details
17. Explain software testing ,its principles ,objectives
18. Explain black box and white box testing and compare
19. What is crucial process step??Analysis issues in details
20. Data dictionaries ,ER diagrams, software Prototyping in Details
21. Natuire of SRS ,Characteristics of SRS,Organization of SRS
22. what are decision Tables and Decision Tress and explain them with an example
23. What is ripple effect? Discuss the various aspects of ripple effect and how does it affect the stability of a program?
24. Explain the importance of the maintenance? Which category consumes maximum effort and why?
25. What are the configuration management Task.what is re engineering and reverse engineering?
26. Write a short note on Beladay and Lehman model for the calculation of maintenance effort?
27. What is regression testing >? Differentiate between the regression and development testing?
28. How iterative enhancement model is helpful during maintenance? Explain the various stages cycles of this model?
29. What is software testing? Discuss the role of software testing during software life cycle and why is it so difficult?
30. What I the difference between 1alpha testing and beta testing.2.development and regression testing.3.functional and structural Testing.
31. Will exhaustive testing guarantee that the program is 100% correct?
32. What are the various activities during software project planning? Describe any two software size estimation techniques?
33. Design a LOC counter for counting LOC automatically .is it Lang dependent?
34. Explain the Putnam resource allocation model. What are the limitations of this model?
35. Explain the data flow testing .consider an example and show all “du” paths. also identify those “du” paths that are not “
dc” paths
36. Discuss the various steps of data flow testing?.Why should we test?, who should do testing
37. What are the applications of software? Characteristics of software, what is software process? Software crisis?
38. What do u mean by functional testing? Explain it in detail;?
39. What is structural testing? Illustrate the important structural testing techniques?
40. What is the purpose of integration testing? Differentiate between integration and system testing?
41. What is cyclamate complexity? Explain with the help of an example?
42. What is the difference between white box and black box testing ?is determining test casers easier in black box
43. What do u understand by software development lifecycle in SDLC? Why it is imp to adhere to a life cycle model while developing a large software product?
44. What are the components of software? Discuss how it differs from a program?
45. What are the characteristics to be considered for the selection of a lif cycle model?
46. Explain ER Diagrams,Data dicyionaries ,Atrributes and Organisation Of SRS
47. What is software engineering? Program vs. software, role of management in software development
48. Discuss the prototyping model. What is the effect of designing a prototyping on the overall cost of the software project?
49. Explain two types of software Prototyping? And differentiate between throwaway and evolutionary prototyping?

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