Usecase Realization Structure For Student Mark Analysis


AIM : To create realization packages and a trace ability diagram.
PROCEDURE :Add use case realization package .
Open the project model. In the browser look at both the usecase view and logical
view to determine realization that need usecase realization software.
1. Add and name the packages under the usecase realization package in the logical view.
Add usecase realization to the browser:
Write with appropriate usecase realization package to add a new usecase name
it with the same as its package.
Double click the usecase to open its specification window and stereotype the
usecases as usecase realization.
In the stereotype list click usecase realization.
Repeat steps a to c for each usecase realization.
3. Create trace ability diagram.
Create a class diagram called realize dependency under a usecase realization
Open the diagram and then drag the usecase from the usecase view to the
Drag the newly created usecase realization from the logical view on to the
Click the realize icon on the diagram toolbar and then wrap it from the
usecase realization to the usecase.
Repeat steps for each usecase realization.
Usecase Realization Structure Student Mark AnalysisRESULT : Thus we have created use-case realized package and traceability diagram. case tools diagram CS1403- CASE TOOLS LAB

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