STUDENT MARK ANALYSIS with Basic Problem Definition Identifying Actors, Usecase


PROBLEM STATEMENT: In this project calculate the particular student marks, total, average, grade and remark. Also we calculate how many students to be fail in the particular subject and how many students are pass or fail in the particular subject .Here we perform some
Operations such as add, update, delete. alculate the particular student mark, we use student details and department details also. Also calculate the internal mark out of 20 and theory mark out of
100. To convert this mark into 80.

1. Student
2. Administrator

1. student detail
2. student mark
3. view student list
4. department detail
5. calculate Tot, Ave ,Gra, Rem

There are several usecases in student mark analysis. They are explained as,
Student Details:
In this,we add the student name, student ID, Department, Address, father name,gender etc.
Student Marks:
In,this we add six subject marks & two lab marks.
Calculate Tot,Ave,Rem,Gra:
To calculate the total,average,remark & grade according to their marks.
View Student Detail:
List the student mark details.
Department Details:
Adding the Department details in Department Name, Department Code.
Thus the actors and use-case for Student Mark Analysis to identified successfully CS1403- CASE TOOLS LAB Program Analysis and Project Planning. And case study of the problem – Identify project scope, Objectives, Infrastructure. CS1403- CASE TOOLS LAB

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