Onmouse Over How to Change the Picture When onmouseover event occur in DHTML


Start the program. When on mouse over the particular object occur onmouseover event fires .then it will perform there operation. In these case when mouse over computer it show computer picture. When mouse over car it show car picture it use two function fun1() and fun2(). Finally terminate the program

Source Dhtml programing
<title> ON MOUSE OVER</title>
<script language="javascript">
function fun1()
function fun2()
<body bgcolor="#ffe4c4">
<font face="verdona" color="blue" size=5>
<b style="color:brown;">Mouse Over</b>
<img id="storesimage" src="pic1.jpg" align="left">
<li onmouseover="fun1()"> A Computer
<li onmouseover="fun2()"> A Car
Output DHTML onmouse over
Onmouse over DHtml changepicture function car

Onmouse over DHtml changepicture function computer

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