Different Filter Effect in HTML Fiph Fipv Gray Invert mask Wave Alpha


Start the program. In image tag set the source of the image path. Style properties assign the different filter type
Alpha drop shadow , horizontal , vertical, filter gray , filter vertical, invert, mask with specified color like red, filter wave style.
Declare these filter style in the body section wave style we can specified there range depends upon there strength it will display there image.
Source code in Filter Effect alpha drop shadow filph flip vertical gray, invert, mask and wave
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:alpha(opacity=70)">
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:drop shadow(color=rgb 10,255,0),offx=10,offy=10,positive=true)">
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:fliph()">
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:flipv()">
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:gray()">
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:invert()">
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:mask(color=red)">
<img src="bird.jpg" style="filter:wave(strength=4)">

DHTML filter effect filter:fliph gray invert mask wave alpha

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