Analysis Of Classes For Student Mark Analysis


AIM : To analysis the different classes such as boundary class, entity class, control class of
the student mark details use case.
Boundary Class : A boundary class intermediates between the interface and something outside the
system. Boundary classes insulate the system from changes in the surroundings. (example
changes in interface to other systems & changes in the user requirements) Keeping the
changes from affecting the reset of the systems. A system have several types of boundary
1 . User Interface Classes:
Classes that intermediate communication with human user of the system.
2.System Interface Classes:
Classes that intermediate communication with other systems .A
boundary class that communicate with an external system is responsible for managing the
dialog with the external system it provides the interface to that system for the system
being built.
3.Device Interface Class:
Classes that provide interface to device which detect external events. These
boundary classes capture the responsibilities of the service or sensor.
4. Entity Classes:
Entity Classes represent stores of information in the system. The main
responsibilities of entity classes are to store and manage information in the system.
5. Control Class:
Control Classes provide coordinating behaviour in the system.
1. Add class to the browser
a. Open a project model in the browser expand logical view & then expand analysis
model package.
b. Under the analysis model package add the class.
c. Now stereotype each class
Right click the class & then click open specification. Click the correct
stereotype from the stereotype list.
2.Define Class Responsibilities
a. Double click the boundary class to open its specification window.
b. Click the operations tab & then right click in the white window.
c. Click insert, type the responsibility name over opname.
d. Repeat a for each additional responsibility.
e. Repeat steps a to d to add responsibilities for the returning classes.
Thus the classes have been analyzed. case tool lap Add class to the browser Define Class Responsibilities CS1403- CASE TOOLS LAB

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