How to Run PHP program? Why I can not run program php like html file? What is wampserver?


The entire php beginner faces this problem. They save there coding with .php extension then they double click that page but it will doest not display anything. If you like to run php program you must install php package. You can not run php program like html file. Because In Html you can just type the code in notepad then save it “index.html” in specified location then if you double click the html file the html webpage is display but in the php program not like that.
Do the following things.
First you must install php package. Then configure the php setup. It is difficult to the beginner.
Don’t worry about that. Just download wampserver package and install then you store the php files into the “C:\wamp\www” if you install wampserver in c: drive. Then open browser type http://localhost/index.php -> if you save the file with “index.php” then page will be display

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