Accidents may occur due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is due to over speeding. This paper deals about the controlling of the speed in two wheelers automatically, when entering the speed restricted zones. This is the prototype where the frequency modulation is used to activate the system, during the time of entering. When the vehicle enters the zone, the receiver receives the transmitted frequency signals from the FM transmitter which is installed in that particular area. In order to have accuracy in measuring the speed of the vehicle, the analog speedometer is removed and replaced by the digital speedometer. The signal is received and this provokes the microcontroller. The speed is compared and if it’s higher the speed is brought down to the desired by controlling the spark in the spark plug. If the speed is less or equal to the given speed, the system does not get activated. After the vehicle leaves the speed limited zone the microcontroller bring backs the vehicle to the initial or default position. Therefore the accidents can be reduced to some extent.

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