The New Era of Micro Processors


The development of technology is increasing at a amazing rate today, so we need to undergo lots and lots of changes. One such development is the development in the field of Micro Processors. As the name implies, it indicates the size of the chip. They consist of millions of linear and non-linear devices, which ultimately increased the speed of the computers. This speed of the processors are also quite less as for as future development is taken into account.

There are two ways to increase the speed of the processors one is fabricating much components in Micro Processors and other using light source on the conducting media. The main drawback in the first method is the complexity in fabrication, as millions of circuit elements are introduction into single chip, which increases the more dissipation of heat.

Keeping in mind these factors, we are here discussing about a new era of micro processors called PLASMONICS, in which light source is used in micro processors to increase the speed of the computers. The velocity of light is higher than the velocity of other electrical signals. But, we can’t introduce them as such as the devices are smaller than light waves. So, we are here using sandwich of conducting media, which overcomes these problems and increases the speed of computers.


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