What Is VM ware Software? How To install Operation System Without Partitioning?


VM Ware is like software. BY using VMware software we can install new OS (operating System)
Without rePartitioning. Whenever we install OS like Linux version(ubuntu,rehat,sun solaris,fedora,puppy Linux…)it will save there bootable file and there os file into separate folder. So if you want to uninstall the os don’t need to delete the whole directory. you can delete the particular folder you can uninstall the specified os.

You can save your hardisk from the bad sector
(what is bad sector?-whenever you format your hard disk the bad sector will be created in your hard disk in the later days due to these problem your hard disk size will be reduced because in the VMware software you do not need to format any drive just delete the folder you can uninstall the whole os)
If you like to install the same os (already install in one pc) into another system/ multiple system .you don’t need to install just copy the os VMware file then paste into specified system then you can run the os. Note you need to install VMWARE
Time saving
You can run the multiple os at the time

Whenever you run the os you need to star VMware Application through vmware application you can run os

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