What are the easy steps to develop our knowledge? How to improve our knowledge? How to gain the knowledge?


As per I am student I can write this article before you read this article
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Two types of Learning Visual learning and Audio learning.

In this world each and every one acts as student. Because every body learning in day by day. Past student can shape the current student.
Steps to learn:
Attend the symposium conference:
ttend the symposium conference meeting in various colleges, school, and organization.
When ever you attend this function you can learn lot of things। Like origination skill from the coordinator, designing, technical things, how to maintain proper presentation, how to interact with other people। How to conduct the function. Each and every one in the world has some unique talent. so when you go to other college, school…., you can learn lot of things from the others. So do it

Use Internet:

In the internet all things are open source. From the man birth to death all things are present .It is your hand to use it. If you are using the proper keyword in the search engine you can get the all thing in the internet. You can search video tutorial in the YouTube. I can learn lot of things from YouTube. You can also use it.

Reading books and magazine:
Reading is the good habit to develop the knowledge. By through reading you can improve you communication skill.
Making good communication with you senior and junior
Don’t compare with yourself with others। But maintain good communication with others.

See advance and useful technology films
If you see useful films. It will shape you in right way and right path. it is enrich you thought.

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