Wireless security


History of Wireless security
In the year 1999 the IEEE has completed and it has approved a standard called as 802.11B, and along with that WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) has also born.

This type of security has been found with the view to connect multiple or more computers through an Internet with a wireless connection and to reduce the cost of expensive wires and an unclean look over wires spread all over the office or a home. Moreover the biggest advantage of WLAN security,.
Wireless Local Area Network functions and usage
Even though the distance between a wireless access point and a client device is near, it is very dangerous because hackers can easily steal your important data and transfer your email messages, files or identity you know that becomes a biggest problem in an company environment. That’s why companies choose encrypted data format to transit making that information hidden to hackers.
But encrypted data is not only provides a complete protection. You need to create strong authentication methods for every user create a pin number and which is accessed across all the channels which includes wireless, intranet and dial up this eliminates multiple id’s makes stealing virtually impossible. And also you have to make sure that the two important points, which might cause potential problem, namely end-user authentication and data security when you see these two key points are perfect even incase the wireless instrument has been stolen there is absolutely no problem about the security because of the confidential PIN number created to stop stealing the data.
In this way WLAN contributes a higher note in the security of data for many companies. I hope in business, networking of computers all around the world in next 10 years will be in wireless not wired.

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