Wireless Network


Wireless Network advantages
Compared to wired network, wireless network has lot of advantages, some of the advantages of a wireless network are its remote nature helps remove unwanted cables which occupy space.

Wireless is growing fast and day-by-day it’s getting popular in home as well as in business networking. If the demand for wireless products increases the cost of it will automatically decrease and it will benefit the common people to use it and experience.
Disadvantages of a wireless network
The prime most disadvantages will be the interference of weather sometimes due to bad weather the radio frequencies reduces the efficiency of a wireless network. There will be frequent loss of connection when you are browsing the web through wireless router or the connection may be slow. You can also sometimes find loss of connection due to a closed place or a wall. In my home I used to take my laptop to my lobby and browse the internet, I never had any problems with it because of the fact due to the transmission based upon radio frequencies in lobby the connection is much faster than a closed room.
Select the best conference calling solution according to your need of communication. At the time of demonstration or visuals needed situation, you can promote your conference by web or video conferencing solution.

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