Definition of RFID
RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification the history of RFID is really when in 1945 Russian government used it as a spy tool kit but this story is not as reliable.

RFID is basically an identification system that uses a electrical transponder to store data that can be used to easily spot the item to where the transponder is located, these type of transponders will actively respond to the data about the object. RFID has gaining popularity in this year and a number of industries started to use this RFID technology.
How RFID works
RFID is attached with various objects, the radio waves communicate those items where RFID is incorporated. The tool can give information about the item, namely what is the item, temperature of that item its travel capacity through a particular area. It is possible to connect RFID to anything such as a tag or label.
Here is a working example
You need a scanning antenna, a decoder to receive and interpret the items information, transponder - the RFID tag needed. A scanning Antenna - This transmits the radio frequency signals in a shorter distance with the help of RF radiation it communicates with the transponder and it also provide RFIT tag with the energy to connect in case of passive RFID tags.

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