How to Repair DVD Disc


There are some scratches that don't really have any impact on your DVD at all. Most of the time, the problem is the accumulated dirt or oil on the surface. Run your DVD under warm water and, if necessary, rub liquid soap (mild) over the surface with your finger.

Do not rub the DVD in circles, rub in straight lines from the center to the outside ridge. Go all around the disc and then rinse it once more. Allow it to air dry completely and try it again.
If cleaning the DVD doesn't work then you have to venture into DVD Disc Repair. This isn't as complicated as you would think. There are actually a few ways to fix your DVD.
It is important that you know that the actual Data on your DVD is underneath a fairly thick plastic buffer. The scratches in the buffer stop the laser eye from reading the data underneath properly and that is why it skips, stops, or doesn't read.
All of the methods you'll find on the internet boil down to two approaches to the problem.
• Fill the Scratches
• Polish the scratches out
Filling the cracks is really very easy but only lasts in the short term. You can use anything from Vaseline to Furniture Polish. I've even heard of people using a Banana. Once the filling comes loose though you will be back to having a scratched DVD.
Polishing the scratches is a more permanent fix and, if done properly, is the best choice for DVD Disc Repair. The point of polishing the DVD is to wear away the plastic buffer around the scratch so that it appears more shallow and easier to see through. The danger lies in being sure that you polish the DVD evenly and gently. Otherwise the foil data layer can become ruined or the plastic buffer appears warped.

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