Important Directories


a) /bin This contains files that are essential for correct
Operation of the system. These are available for
use by all users.

b)/mnt Provides a location for mounting devices, such as
remote file systems and removable media

c)/home This is where user home directories are stored.

d)/var This directory is used to store files which change
frequently, and must be available to be written to.

e)/etc various system configuration files are stored here.

f)/dev This contains various devices as files, e.g. hard
disk, CDROM,drive, etc.

g)/root This is the root (administrator) user's home

h)/sbin Binaries which are only expected to be used by
the super user.

i)/tmp Temporary files.

j)/boot Has the bootable Linux kernel and boot
loaderconfiguration files(GRUB)

k)/usr Contains user documentation,games,graphical

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