How to get free Ubuntu cd?NO Fee, no shipping charge,


Do you need free linux cd.By through simple registration you can get free linux cd within five weaks ,there is no fee,no shipping charge,no hidden fee,

Step1:go to the url:
Click request a cd of UBuntu Desktop edition/request a cd of ubuntu server edition

step2: Then it will ask to enter you register mail id and password, If you are new user you doesn't contain any register mail id and password. So you must create new account by through click create new account

step3:Enter your mail id they send registration link into your mail id

Then it will show message like that.

step5: log on into your mail server account
You can see new mail.
Open these new mail
Then register in the form

Click registration link

create account with give
display name
and password

Then you can login into there
Then give detail about your resistance address

After registration you can get ubuntc free cd within five weeks

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