How to create velvet cloth by using Photoshop?


step1:Open photo shop
Step2: open new window give width and height depends upon your requirement
Step3: select gradient tool
Step4: After selecting gradient tool in the upper side new tool is show double-click that tool
Step5: new window is open in that window gradient tool color is show.
Step6: we change the color by clicking the color .

Step7: create red and black color combination like show in the picture.(create 6 or 7 red color channel)

Step8: select the angle gradient tool.

Step9: drag the tool in the main window and it is show like it is star(I use the print screen picture so it is not clarity , but the real image has clarity).

Step10: Finally by using the cut tool cut that quarter coordinate. or by use the gradient tool drag at the left upper side corner.

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