How To Trouble Shoot The Problem Improve Problem Solving Skill

Our Main object is to find the EXACT PROBLEM and SOLUTION.
1) Reduce the unrelated activities and things
2) Try to find out the root cause for the problem
3) Get the logical understanding what will happened in the background.
4) Read the Error message and log files very clearly and write note.

Find out the SOLUTION.
1) Read the lot of knowledge base document related to the topics.
2) Try to thing the different possibilities and check the different option,
1) Before trouble shooting taking the backup of all important files,
2) Use the alias and scripting for regular activities. Don’t spend energy or confuse for simple things.
Documentation plays very important for trouble shooting.
How to Maintain the Documentation
Maintain the Four Documents
1) Error & Solutions
2) Knowledge base document
3) What is what
4) Plan & implementation.

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