Samba Server Configuraiton In Simple 4 Step

Install Configure Samba Server GUI Mode.
1)system->Administrator ->server setting->samba
It will Open the PoP up window.
File --> Add share

Add share Directory
2.2)share Name:
2.3)Enable - writ ab, Vi sable

3)Access(tab)-Allow Access To everyone should be enable.
4)preference->Server Setting->security(tab)- > Authentication Mode:share

1)Disable the selinux & Iptables
2)we have to Give the Full permission to that share directory

Configure SAMBA SERVER in CLI(Command Line Interface) Mode
1)Edit in /etc/samba/smb.conf file.
path = /test
writable = yes
guest ok = yes
write list = + username
workgroup = mygroup
2)Create the Samba User
adduser [user-name]
passwd [Password]
smbpasswd -a [username]
Finally Restart the smb Service

From the Windows system-
1)start->run-> \\LINUX SAMBA SERVER IP\
Finally you can access that Linux directory from windows machine.
To Install Command Line Interface - Refer the Link.-Samba Server Configuration In CLI mode.
samba server Configuration In simple step by step Four step.
Easy way to Configure In 4 Four step

NOTE: samba it should ask username and password only for one session.
if it is ask more than one session then we have to check WORKGROUP.


Javin Paul said...

excellent tip man indeed pretty useful I have also blogged my unix experience as grep command in unix with examples , let me know how do you find it.