What is Cluster Redhat Linux Cluster What is Component of Cluster Rhel5


Cluster is a set of node.
For maintain High availability server in any Application The service should be provide
The Maximum up time. If one server Fail Then automatically the another server needs to Replace that work. This is called High availability server.
Red hat cluster it is provide that High availability server it has the group of computers it is called node of cluster or the member of cluster.it is also maintain the Load Balancing.
It provides

High performance
Load balancing
Highly availability

Cluster important component

Node – Node is the member of the cluster
Network – Maintain the communication between the nodes.
Server – Provide the service to the cluster

cluster it has
Server cluster,
Database cluster,
SQL Server Cluster ,
Application Server Cluster,

Oracle Application Cluster,Basic Rhel 5-

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