Use case Specification Remote Procedure Caller Algorithm


To specify the use case by using description of specification and the flow of events such as Basic flow, alternate flow, precondition and post condition in Remote Procedure Caller algorithm.
SPECIFICATION :The Administrator would like to send a message, capture the remote Screen and voice commanding etc.
1. Administrator first authenticated in the login form.
2. When the client comes to the connection, then server not only granting connection but also it can store the connection details such as date, system name, system IP, and Message into Database.
3. Then the client can send a message to the client.
4. If it want to capture the remote screen it can using the connection.
5. The captured screen could also saved permanently in disk.
6. The voice command also possible from the server to client..
If the administrator enters a wrong username or password an error only displayed.
The administrator must run the server program before the clients comes to the connection. Without the present of server, client won’t work .
The system can show the saved screens and the connection details stored in the Database.
Thus the use case specification was specified successfully Rational Rose case tools lap

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