Use-Case Specification Payroll Application Processing


Aim: To write the use-case specification consist of description about use-case
flow of events such as basic flow, alternative flow, special requirement,
precondition, post condition for the use-case “maintaining employee details” of
payroll APPLICATION processing.
Brief Description:
When the administrator have to maintain that is like add, delete, update personal details of an employee he uses this particular use-case.
Flow Events:
Basic Flow:
When the administrator want to add the employee details:
• The system will display the form in which we display the form in which we
have to enter the name, designation, ID, age, address, phone number
• The administrator can also modify the desired details of a particular employee.
• And also he can delete the details of the particular employee.
Alternative Flow:
If the administrator enter the wrong details of the particular employee, the system
allows him to reenter the correct details.
We have to logged on, to enter into the particular form
Post Condition:
The system will add all personal details of the particular employee.
Result: Thus the use-case specification was written.

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