Pdf2txt Linux Command Converts PDF to Text Document in Linux rhel5


In the Linux without any additional software package you can convert PDF document to text document pdf2txt with simple Linux command pdftotext. First you need to install the package poppler-utils.Then you can run the command. There package name is poppler-utils.i386 0:0.5.4-4.1.el5 for rhel5 red hat enterprise Linux 5 pdf2txt.
When you install these package it will list out these following things it show the package is update and there package size 70K

[root@localhost ~]#yum install poppler-utils*
Package poppler-utils.i386 0:0.5.4-4.1.el5 set to be updated
poppler-utils i386 0.5.4-4.1.el5 rhel-debuginfo 70 k
Then now you can convert pdf document to text document using following command.
[root@localhost ~]# pdftotext rhel5.pdf rhel5.txt
First one is source file second one is destination file.
-opw specify the owner password
-f option refers to the first page conversion
-l refers to the last page conversions
-htmlmeta these option it will generate html file like following PDF info refers to the detail about the PDF document
PDF info refers to the detail about the PDF document
[root@localhost ~]# pdfinfo rhel5.pdf
Producer: GNU Ghostscript 7.07
Tagged: no
Pages: 1
Encrypted: no
Page size: 612 x 792 pts (letter)
File size: 86887 bytes
Optimized: no
PDF version: 1.3
pdf2txt Linux command

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