Important Formula find day of the calendar | Interview question Formula


Calendar finds the day you must know the odd days in these way
Leap year contain two odd days (if the year is divisible by 4 mean it is leap year)
Ordinary year contain one odd days
One ordinary year contain
365 days =52 weeks and one odd days
Leap year has zero odd days 400,800,1600,2000,2400,2800……………
Leap year
366 days =52 weeks and two odd daysFormula find day of the calendar | Interview question Formula100 year contain 5 odd days
200 year contain 3 odd days
300 year contain 1 odd day
400 year contain 0 odd days
Depends upon the no of odd days you find the day
NO of odd days
0 for Sunday
1 for Monday
2 for Tuesday
3 for Wednesday
4 for Thursday
5 for Friday
6 for Saturday

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