UNIT-5 Human Population And The Environment ESE Important Question And Answer


Unit 5 Human Population and the Environment Important two marks question and answer CY 1201
1. What do you mean by carrying capacity of population? (AU)
2. Define: “Population Explosion”. (AU)
3. Define: Birth rate
4. Define: Death rate
5. Define: Doubling time.
6. What is ZPG?
7. What is population pyramid?
8. What is India Population Project (IPP)?
9. What are the reasons behind the increased population growth in the less
developed nations compared with developed nations? (AU)
10. List out few family welfare projects in India. (AU)
11. Differentiate between HIV and AIDS. (AU)
12. List any four vector-borne diseases. (AU)

PART B Human Population and the Environment Important 16 mark question and answer Big question CY 1201
1. Discuss the factors influencing human population. (8) (AU)
2. Draw a typical population pyramid of a developing country and discuss how it is likely to differ from that of a developed country. (8) (AU)
3. Discuss the population growth variation among nations. (4) (AU)
4. Discuss the effect of population growth on i) Food resources ii) Water resources and iii) Energy resources.
5. Explain the term “Population Explosion”. (6) (AU)
6. Explain the impacts of population growth on environmental issues. (12) (AU).
7. Outline the various family welfare plans in the post independent India. (8) (AU)
8. Discuss the role of IT on environment. (10) (AU)
9. Discuss the role of IT in environment and human health. (10) (AU)
10. What are the modes of transmission of HIV and how it can be prevented? (AU)
11. Write a note on water-borne diseases. (6) (AU)
12. Define: Human Rights. Discuss the salient features of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by UN. (AU)
13. Write notes on human rights. (8) (AU)
14. What is value education? What are the objectives of it?
15. Explain the steps taken in India to impart value education.
16. Write a short note on Women and Child welfare.

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