UNIT-1 Environmental Studies and Natural Resources ESE Important Two Mark Question and Answer


Unit I Introduction to Environmental Studies and Natural Resources Important Two 2 mark question CY 1201
1. Define: Environment
2. What are the major causes of current environmental problems?
3. What are the components of environment? Give suitable examples.
4. What are natural resources? Classify them.
5. What are the salient characteristics of water, which make it indispensable?
6. What is an aquifer? Discuss its types.
7. Compare merits and problems of dams. (AU)
8. What are the types of forests?
9. List the ecological uses of forests.
10. What are the commercial uses of forests?
11. Differentiate between deforestation and forest degradation. (AU)
12. What is RIS?
13. Classify mineral resources.
14. Name few mineral resources available in India. (AU)
15. Metals cannot be irrecoverably consumed but we tend to disperse them in diluted state all over our planet. Discuss the statement. (AU)
16. Suggest some remedial measures to minimize the impacts of mining.
17. What are the measures to be taken, if India goes for mining of U in Nalgonda,AP?
18. What is overgrazing?
19. Write the adverse effects caused by overgrazing. (AU)
20. What is micronutrient imbalance?
21. What is “Blue Baby Syndrome”?
22. What is meant by erosion? (AU)
23. What is meant by soil erosion? (AU)
24. What is eutrophication?
25. What is algal bloom?
26. What is “superpest”?
27. Enumerate the desired qualities of ideal pesticide. (AU)
28. What is “Shifting Cultivation” or “Slash and Burn Cultivation”?
29. Classify energy resources.
30. List the various renewable energy resources.
31. What is nuclear energy? Discuss its types.
32. What are the benefits of nuclear power plant?
33. What are solar cells? Discuss its merits.
34. What are the limiting factors that prevent construction of large scale solar power generating stations?
35. What are the merits and demerits of wind energy?
36. State the importance of atmosphere?
37. Define: a) Lithosphere b) Biosphere
38. What is hydrological cycle?
39. Differentiate between malnutrition and undernourishment.
40. As an individual how will you conserve water and land resources? (AU)
41. What is desertification? Give two reasons for it. (AU)

PART B ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ESE important 16 mark question and answer big question CY 1201

1. What is deforestation? Discuss the major causes of deforestation. What are the consequences of deforestation? (16)
2. What are effects of construction of dams, timber extraction and mining on tribal
Peoples? (8)
3. What are upstream and downstream problems caused by big dams?
4. “Should we go for construction of dams like Narmada Dam”? Substantiate your
5. Discuss the causes and consequences of flood? How to mitigate it? (8)
6. Discuss the causes and consequences of drought. Elaborate various droughts
Control measures. (8)
7. Discuss the ill-effects of mining. With a suitable case study, enumerate the
Problems faced by unscrupulous mining.
8. What are the energy resources available in India? (6) (AU)
9. Explain the non-renewable energy resources available to meet the growing energy needs of India. (10) (AU)
10. Describe the scope and importance of forest resources and their overexploitation.(8) (AU)
11. Explain the conflicts over water and dams in India. (8) (AU)
12. What is deforestation? Explain its impact on the environment.(6) (AU)
13. Explain how the alternate energy sources play an important role in environmental impact.(10) (AU)
14. Write a brief note on changes caused by agriculture and overgrazing. (8) (AU)
15. Define the term conservation of natural resources and explain the role of
Individual in conservation of natural resources. (8) (AU)
16. What are the major causes of deforestation? Discuss its consequences. (8+8) (AU)
17. Modern practice of intensive agriculture contributes much to the deterioration of agricultural soil. Discuss. (8) (AU)
18. Based on thermal characteristics, how is the atmosphere stratified? (8) (AU)
19. What are the ecological benefits of forests? (8) (AU)
20. “Environmental damages caused by mining last long after the mine has closed”. Explain.(8) (AU)
21. Discuss the possible solution to improve the acceptability of dam projects in
Indian conditions. (8) (AU)
22. Explain the adverse environmental impacts of modern agriculture (8) (AU)
23. What is deforestation? Enumerate and discuss the various effects of
Deforestation. (8) (AU)
24. Discuss the environmental effect of extracting and using mineral
25. Discuss the effect of dams on forests and tribal people.(8) (AU)
26. Discuss the problems of pesticide in modern agriculture. (8) (AU)

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