Cost of Nokia 5880 India rate | Indian Price for Nokia 5880 Features


Indian Nokia price is nearly OFS rate RS 13,499 in 7th October 09 .After the entire gossip nokia launch 5800. nokia 5880 xpressMusic it is express music phone
With 3.2 Mega pixel resolution camera with zeiss optics .This cell phone it has
Wide screen display. Nokia 5880 it has 3G connectivity
Nokia there dimension are 111*51.7*15.5 mm and 109g,88cc respectively. It has 3.2 resolution (640*360) pixels and it will provide 16 million colors.There memory card ranges form 8Giga bytes to 16 Giga bytes. It has the MicroSD memory Card slot. It has Mini-USB and standard Headphone jacks and dedicated shutter, lock and volume keys. it contain different home screen facilities. In there software it has attract video gallery and video player graphics. Software it has Maps and on-board GPS facilities are available. In the cell phone right sight it has three parts first one camera lock and second one spring loaded lock which is quickly lock and unlock the phone final one is volume control one the left hand side it has two part one for the memory car form 8Gb to 16 GB and another one is SIM slot . Nokia price is $369.67 in American dollar in Indian rate Indian price it may be 17500 to 19000 in the date 3rd October 2009.Nokia OFS Price: Rs.13499

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