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Stock Maintenance Use Case Specification Flow of Events

To specify the use case by using description of specification and the flow of events such as Basic flow, alternate flow, precondition and post condition in STOCK MAINTENANCE.
The Administrator wants’ to enter the product details, sales details and then viewing product details, sales details and the viewing the stocks in a store.
1. Administrator wants’ to enter the product details he must go to the product form
The System Display’s the product details form and he extends details such as product code, product name and also the amount of the product.
2.Then the administrator wants’ to enter the sales details he must goes to sales form.
The system shows the sales form.
He entered the details such as customer name and product code, similarity the price & quantity.
If the administrator an existed product code, the should be make out the error.
The administrator must log on the product details form.
The system show’s the details about the product, sales and also purchase. so administrator must go these forms.

Thus the use case specification was specified successfully with Rational Rose software CS1403- CASE TOOLS SOFTWARE COMPONENT LAB

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