Switch Run level How to change Default Run Level in Linux inittab


Linux it has 6 Run level
Run level 0 for halt
1 for single user mode
2 multi user mode without NFS
3 Fully multi user mode with NFS
4 not used
5 x11 graphical mode
6 reboot

You can see the runlevel following files
#vim /etc/inittab
In these file 18th line it contain code
You can change these default run level
After change it save and quit then you can switch the runlevel

Linux every run level present in following directory
In these directory it contain the file six runlevel script directory
rco.d , rc1.d, rc2.d…rc5.d, rc6.d

Start the specified runlevel | switch Run level
If you like to run level 1 means you can use inittab command type the following command
#inittab 1

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